The newsletter

The Association publishes a newsletter “Le Mercien” 4 times a year. It is published in
French and English version, sent to its members, to its sponsors, to the
Library and Archives nationale du Québec and the Library and Archives
Canada. President’s words, editorials, members activities, invitations, chronicles
history are part of the table of contents.

Members and anyone with an interest can collaborate by providing
articles, photographs, genealogical and historical information, events
regional stories, anecdotes, promotion, nomination and tributes to Mercier, etc.
to make the request or to send the information by mail or email to:

Gilmond Mercier: [email protected]

Lise St-André: [email protected]

Members are invited to inform the Association of any change of address so
to avoid delivery times.

Genealogical research

One of the reasons for being a family association is to facilitate to its members, the
genealogical research of their ancestors. The Association, with the assistance of its
members, a database of ancestors and their descendants.
If you wish to obtain a pedigree, please refer to the tab
“Shop” and send us by email or by mail the form provided for this
effect after completing it.

Annual general meeting

By its charter, the Association must meet its members at least once a year in order to
that the directors can report on their administration during the course
of the year ending the previous June 30 and proceed to the election of the directors.
This meeting is usually held at the rally held in August or
September at different places where there are Merciers. The alternation of a region
is generally respected.

Genealogy Trade Shows

The association usually participates in various fairs organized by the Federation of
associations of Quebec families in Quebec or in the regions. At these fairs, it is
possible to inquire about the names of your ancestors, their spouse (e).

Promotional items

All orders must be accompanied by payment to the Association des
Mercier of North America and mailed to the following address:
560 Desbiens Street, Sainte-Madeleine QC J0H 1S0

Delivery costs vary depending on the items ordered. Please
refer to the order form in the “Shop” section. The delivery time may
be 2 to 3 weeks.

Facebook group

Creates and maintains a link between the Merciers, Quebec, Canada and
United States and is another very important tool for dissemination and promotion.