History of AMAN –  Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

A non-profit association , AMAN has the mission to promote interest in Mercier genealogy and history.  It is perpetuated by the devotion of family members.

AMAN has set for itself the following objectives:

  • Organize Mercier reunions;
  • Publish information on Mercier Families;
  • Collect and publish information on Mercier celebrities;
  • Advertise the businesses of Merciers, their products and services;
  • Develop among Merciers the interest in preserving family history;
  • Create and promote a trust fund aimed at achieving these goals.

The logo of the association is the world globe encircled by l’Association des Mercier d’Amérique du Nord and a banner across the globe with the letters AMAN.

Head office is in Québec City, QC


On April l9 1985, under part three of the Province of Québec Companies Acts, Inspector General of Financial Institutions has authorized Letters patent for l’ASSOCIATION DES MERCIER D’AMÉRIQUE DU NORD (AMAN)  to the following persons :

  • Mercier, Claude  administrator, domiciled in Ville Saint-Laurent, QC, member no. 51
  • Mercier, Claude-Léon.surveyor, domiciled in Outremont, QC, member no. 10
  • Mercier, Ernest   agronomist, domiciled in Québec City, QC , member no. 32
  • Mercier, Jean   agronomist domiciled in Charlesbourg, QC, member no. 1
  • Mercier, Louis   actuary, domiciled in Sillery, QC,  member no. 52
  • Mercier, Noël   tool-maker, domiciled in Limoilou, Québec City, QC, member no. 3
  • Mercier, Paul-H.   administrator, domiciled in Sainte-Foy, QC, member no. 31